As you can see this is a Moonlight appreciation blog which will be entirely dedicated to this amazing show. Admit it guys, you miss it too !

Feel free to ask me anything. I take requests :)
"The gif set you made of Mick with that cat, was that in the first season? I cant seem to remember that scene at ALL. Or was there a few episodes in a second season and then they just stopped airing the show?"

No there is only one season of Moonlight and yep it was in the first season ;)

"yay i have been looking for a good moonlight tumblr ."

Thank you ;)

Mick: Come on. Give me your best shot. I know you’re dying to.

Beth: I mean, we haven’t even slept with each other yet. It may not be any good.

Mick: I just didn’t know how much I wanted a family until I almost had one, you know?

Beth: Family’s not only about D.N.A.

Mick: Should I be jealous?

Beth: Of course. Even if I have no romantic interest in him, your jealousy makes me feel desirable.